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Isle Royale Seaplanes employs the Cessna 206 amphibious seaplane, long known as one of the most reliable workhorses of general aviation. The airplane can maneuver in and out of tight strips or stretches of water with ease and safety, manage a large load without problem, and features four passenger seats for ample capacity. With a cruise speed of 125 mph, it gets you to your adventure in typically less than an hour, while providing an exciting trip in the process. Our full-time mechanic regularly maintains the plane to ensure that it is always in ideal flight condition. Then, we put you in the hands of experience; your pilot has over 35 years of experience and over 27,000 hours of flight time. He has spent 25 years as an airline captain and has 15 years’ experience flying floatplanes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your journey.

Jon Rector and Christine Hamilton

Jon Rector

Jonathan was born in Fort Myers, Florida and grew up in Virginia. His enthusiasm for aircraft and flying as a teen spurred a career spanning thirty-four years and 27,000 hours of flying experience. He has seen duty as a law enforcement pilot and shuttled executives around the country piloting corporate jets and spent twenty-five years flying for a nationally known airline. Jonathan’s passion has always been the freedom and adventure of flying seaplanes which he has now channeled into his most recent venture, Isle Royale Seaplanes.

Christine Hamilton Rector

Boston born and California raised, Christine has been a life long lover of Aviation and first professed her desire to be a pilot at age 8. After receiving her degree in Aviation from San Jose State University, she worked as an International Flight Planner for Jeppesen while completing her flight training. Not satisfied with piloting alone, she became a flight instructor in 1995, and started teaching to both recreational and aspiring professional pilots. Christine eventually transitioned to American Eagle Airlines in 2000 where she took the helm of both large turboprops and jets alike. Taking a leave of absence from the airline in 2008, she pursued a different type of flying – corporate jets for NetJets Aviation. She eventually returned to her airline expertise in late 2011, where she is currently a captain flying the eastern U.S., Bahamas and the Caribbean. She has accumulated close to 10,000 flight hours.


Portage Canal Seaplane Base
21125 Royce Road
Hancock, MI 49930

Cook County Airport
123 Airport Road
Grand Marais, MN 55604

(906) 483-4991

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We finished out this fantastic season on Friday. For us, it was amazing to be at our new home on Portage Canal in Hancock and we look forward to operating from there for years to come. A HUGE thank you to all those who flew with us this year. We truly enjoy taking you to such a special place, and we appreciate you letting us be part of your adventure.

Reservations for next season will open January 2nd, 2018. We plan to increase our flights from Gran Marais, Minnesota, so look for those changes on our website towards the end of the year (and tell your Minnesota friends too!). In the meantime, if you need a seaplane adventure over the winter, visit us at Salt Island Seaplanes in Naples and Fort Myers where we fly to the Florida Keys and beyond.
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