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How Far Can We Fly?

How Far Can We Fly?

Q: What is the bigger and more interesting looking plane you guys have added to your fleet? A: The iconic DHC-2  “Beaver” is our most recent addition.  Manufactured in 1952 by DeHavilland corporation of Canada, the Beaver STILL proves to be one of the best and most relevant bush planes today, despite having ended manufacturing in 1967.  The curved design is reminiscent of the 1940’s design period. Facebook user “Rockin Roddy Holbrook” asked us the following questions from our previous Ask The Ca...

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Land or Water?

Land or Water?

Q: Is landing on water more or less difficult than on land? A: Both!  With water having many times more drag than a typical paved runway, more attention and skill is needed to contact the water smoothly and at a safe speed.  Waves and boats also challenge the pilot when he lands on water.  However, other factors, such as strong crosswinds are typically more challenging on paved runways since runways only point in one direction.  Seaplane pilots often have the flexibility of choosing where, and i...

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