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To our valued customers,

Many of you have read the press release issued this morning by the National Park Service regarding the status of Isle Royale National Park. The headline of this press release is ‘Closed until further notice’.

We would like to point out that buried in the body of the communique is the statement that they will continue to evaluate the possibility of a limited opening with only the seaplane service providing transportation to the island. They indicate this could happen in late June or early July provided Federal and State guidelines allow for it.

Many National Parks, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Denali, Katmai among them, have either opened on a limited basis or have announced planned re-openings. Most of these Parks receive exponentially more visitors than Isle Royale each year. We feel certain that consistent with accepted safety guidelines, Isle Royale National Park management will open the Park on a limited basis in the next six weeks or so.

We have developed a series of protocols and procedures to help protect customers and staff and provide for safe evacuation from the island of anyone who contracts the virus during their stay there.


During the COVID-19 emergency we will not be issuing full refunds for any cancelled trips. In the event that a trip is cancelled we will issue a 10% refund and a credit for the full value of your trip good for three years (through September 2023). The credit will be transferable to any person and will be good for the original travel itinerary regardless of any price increases that might occur in the intervening time.

Last season Isle Royale received in the neighborhood of 16,000 visitors. If there is a limited opening this summer with only the seaplane service providing transportation, we expect to carry a total of about 2000 visitors to the island over the span of 10-12 weeks. If you are one of these very few visitors to the Park, you will enjoy the unique experience of being on this isolated island with even fewer people than normal. We will coordinate the positioning of camp fuel to the island for our customers.

Thank You, Jon Rector

Director of Operations

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Hancock, MI 49930 www.isleroyaleseaplanes.com


For the safety of our passengers and crew, Isle Royale Seaplanes is committed to “Gear Up for Safety” by taking the following actions:



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