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How To Get To Isle Royale National Park

How To Get To Isle Royale National Park

When you plan a vacation to Isle Royale National Park, you have a two-part adventure ahead. Isle Royale National Park is located in Lake Superior, above the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Technically considered part of that state, it is 56 miles from Michigan, 18 miles from Minnesota, and 22 miles to the Canadian shore. Inaccessible except by boat or seaplane, the first part of your wilderness vacation involves your transportation to the island. Making The Trip To The Island If you are coming to t...

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Hancock Portage Canal
Seaplane Base
21205 Royce Road
Hancock, MI 49930

Cook County Airport
123 Airport Road
Grand Marais, MN 55604

(906) 483-4991

Isle Royale Seaplanes


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